Builds stronger, healthier and more beautiful golf and sports turf, lawns and landscapes, and ornamentals

ADVANTAGE is a patented liquid foliar fertilizer that builds healthy, vibrant turf and adds vigor to all plants; and supplies the right amount of N, K, B, Mn, Mo and Zn for optimal health and beauty.
Benefits of Using ADVANTAGE
Patented Defined Chemistry
  • Nutrients are readily available and stable; and will resist soil tie up
  • Proprietary chemistry allows plants to quickly take in nutrients
  • Emulsifiers coat foliage, which improves nutrient availability; reduces evaporation; and improves tank mix viscosity and suspension for “no fuss” application
  • Wetting agents act as surface spreaders that improve foliar coverage and nutrient uptake
  • Compatible with most fertilizers, pesticides and adjuvants
Improves Plant Health and Turgidity
  • Provides rapid greening and maintains overall plant health
  • Builds strong standing shoots
  • Helps plants better withstand intense sunlight, heat, drought and traffic
Environmentally Friendly
  • Contains no phosphates
  • Perfects turf watering requirements and fertilizer needs
  • Emulsifiers reduce run off and evaporation
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