Clear Advantage®

Builds stronger, healthier crops for optimal quality and marketability

CLEAR ADVANTAGE is a patented liquid foliar fertilizer that builds healthy, vibrant crops. It supplies the right amount of N, K, B, Mn, Mo and Zn for optimal plant quality and yield.
Patented Chemistry
  • Nutrients are readily available and stable; and will resist soil tie up
  • Proprietary formulation allows quick nutrient uptake
  • Compatible with most fertilizers, pesticides and adjuvants
Improves Crop Health and Vigor
  • Nutrients enhance overall plant health
  • Deepens and expands root systems, which in turn, improves water and nutrient uptake
  • Builds strong standing shoots
  • Helps plants tolerate intense sunlight, heat drought and traffic
  • Low application rate and highly efficient nutrients produce more using less
  • Does not contain phosphates
  • Perfects irrigation watering requirements and fertilizer needs
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