Builds stronger, healthier greens for optimal course playability

MEGALEX is a proprietary liquid foliar formulation that helps build stronger, healthier turf and improves course playability. It also improves course appearance by enhancing turf growth in low light shade areas and gives turf vibrant green pigmentation.
The MEGALEX Advantage
Patented Defined Chemistry
  • Proprietary formulation transports nutrients into plants which boosts energy and growth
  • Emulsifiers coat grass blades for best nutrient uptake and temporally reduce evaporation
  • Nutrients optimize turf health, strength, density and vigor
  • MEGALEX has been validated in university and independent trials since 2005
Builds Strong Roots and Shoots
  • Nourishes and strengthens roots and tillers
  • Builds strong standing shoots
  • Increases root length by as much as 25%
  • Deeper roots help the plant better withstand heat, drought, and traffic
  • Expanded root system enhances water and nutrient uptake; and invigorates overall turf health
Environmentally Friendly
  • Does not contain nitrates or phosphates
  • Perfects turf watering requirements and fertilizer needs
  • Emulsifiers reduce run off
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